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Planning to Retire?
Important dates to keep in mind

There are a few important dates to keep in mind for anyone considering retirement, all of which must be met in order to qualify under the current BTUPTF retirement eligibility rules.

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Benefit Options

Monthly benefits from the Pension Fund can be paid in different ways, depending on your particular record of service. These options will be presented to you when you apply for benefits, and you have the opportunity to choose one which, in your judgement, best suits your circumstances.
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Who We Are

One of the most valuable parts of your wage and benefits package is your pension benefit.  Since 1959, the Building Trades United Pension Trust Fund (BTUPTF) has provided valuable retirement protection for Participants and their families.

BTUPTF is a multi-employer pension fund, comprised of more than 28,000 Participants from 11 construction-related industries in the Southeastern Wisconsin area.    

The Trustees of BTUPTF work together with the goal of building a secure future for you and your family.  Your BTUPTF pension is designed to provide income in three main situations:  your retirement years, your disability, or your premature death.

The Trustees and Fund staff work diligently to provide the best retirement plan to participants and their beneficiaries.  Do not hesitate to contact the Fund office any time you have questions.  

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